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Apartment Owners' Insurance - ABA Group
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Apartment Owners’ Insurance

Apartment Owners’ Insurance

Regardless of the insurance you choose, our policies are normally provided on an ‘all risks’ basis. The physical building will normally be covered in your policy as standard, and we will also provide property owner’s liability cover to protect you in the event of a claim from a tenant, as well as loss of rent where this is required.


You can also opt to streamline your policy by incorporating employers’ liability cover. This is a particularly popular option for apartments and flats with communal areas and gardens, where caretakers and ground staff are employed to look after their upkeep. Employers’ liability also covers security staff working in your apartment block.


Our experienced insurance advisers will also support you in the unfortunate event of a claim. We will meet with the loss adjusters appointed by your insurance company where necessary, working together with them to achieve a fair outcome for all. If you would like to arrange energy performance certification for your apartments or have any further queries about health and safety, we work closely with a sister company who can advise you further call on 01204 364 842.


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