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Small business insurance brokers for Bolton, Manchester and Lancashire
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Business Insurance

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Independent Business Insurance Brokers

Obtaining adequate business insurance for your company, staff and equipment is essential. Here at aba Group we can assist you by assessing and organising this cover for you. You will need to ensure you not only protect the assets of your business, but are also protected against liabilities and other unexpected costs.


small business insurance brokers

Construction Insurance Brokers

Construction Insurance

This sector cover a very wide range of businesses ranging from the small self-employed builder, electrician…

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Farming and Agriculture Insurance Brokers

Farming & Agricultural Insurance

Fire, heavy rain, drought and other weather disturbances are just some of the common occurrences that can …

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independent food manufacturing insurance brokers

Food & Drink Manufacturing Insurance

Every business has risks related to it particularly when you are involved in the production of food and…

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Haulage Insurance

Haulage Insurance

With the ever increasing premiums the cost of buying haulage insurance protection is a significant overhead…

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import export business insurance brokers

Import & Export Insurance

As a trading nation we have for many years manufactured goods and sold them overseas. More recently with…

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Information Technology insurance brokers

IT & Technology Insurance

The IT & Technology sector embraces a wide range of different businesses including those that deal with…

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Legal professional indemnity insurance

Legal & Professional Insurance

Businesses in this sector will usually be working from an office and providing advice to their clients. The type of…

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Manufacturing Insurance Brokers

Manufacturing Insurance

As a manufacturer you will be exposed to a wide range of risks which can affect the earning potential of your…

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Property Owners Insurance Brokers

Property Owners Insurance

If you own property you are liable for it. Safeguard yourself with our specialist Property Owner’s Insurance…

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commercial pub insurance brokers

Pubs, Clubs & Entertainment Insurance

Late night venues present unique risks and require specialist cover, protect your business with our specialist…

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Independent research and development insurance brokers

Research & Development Insurance

The sector and industry of research and development is a fast paced and growing one. It offers companies…

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Warehouse Insurance & Freight Forwarder Insurance

Warehousing Freight Forwarding Insurance

The insurance arrangement for Freight forwarding and Warehousing businesses is controlled by the Conditions…

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Tailored insurance for recycling companies

Waste & Recycling Insurance

As all businesses in this sector will be aware that there are very few Insurers who are prepared to offer cover…

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Insurance for educational institutions

Education Insurance

We offer Academies and Schools Insurance as well as Risk Management Solutions to meet the specific…

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small business insurance brokers

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