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Commercial Property Owner's Insurance - ABA Group
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Commercial Property Owner’s Insurance

Commercial Property Owner’s Insurance

Commercial property owner’s insurance cover with ABA Group is normally provided on an ‘all risks’ basis. In addition, the cover will include protection for your legal liability as a property owner, as well as any loss of rent suffered as a result of insured damage.


In the unfortunate event of a claim, ABA Group will take a ‘hands on’ approach to the management of the claims process. Our insurance experts will advise and support you and your company through the claims process. We are able to meet with your insurer’s loss adjusters if necessary, ensuring your claim is dealt with swiftly and professionally with a fair outcome for all.


If you wish to re-bill the cost of your insurance to your tenants, ABA Group can provide a breakdown of your premiums to minimise the administrative burden of collecting payments from your tenants. We will also provide all necessary paperwork and evidence, such as insurance certificates.


Contact ABA Group today or call us on 01204 364 842 and speak to an experienced insurance adviser for a quotation for commercial property owner’s insurance.


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