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Contractors' All Risks Insurance - ABA Group
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Contractors’ All Risks Insurance

Contractors’ All Risks Insurance

This type of policy gives cover for all of the works and avoids the need for sub-contractors to arrange their own cover thus saving some cost. The cover can also be extended to include any existing structure. This type of insurance policy covers the project and therefore can run for more than a year when appropriate.


To explore options for our ‘all risks’ contractors’ insurers, contact ABA Group today and speak to one of our experienced insurance advisers.


If you carry out any installation or erection work you will need to have those contract works protected by insurance.


If you take goods to a construction site or even take machinery to install at your customer’s premises you will need this form of cover. It provides insurance protection for your goods whilst in transit to the site whilst on site awaiting incorporation in the contract works and then covers the contract works until handed over to the customer.


Contact ABA Group today or call us on 01204 364 842 and speak to an experienced insurance adviser for a quotation for contractors’ all risks insurance.


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