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Education Insurance

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Education Insurance

We offer academies and schools’ insurance, as well as risk management solutions to meet the specific needs of your educational establishment. We also offer policies for special needs schools and colleges.

When you have been in the industry for as long as we have, you begin to see new requirements emerge for increasingly unique requirements. This is particularly true of academies and both state and independent schools.


Our experience across sectors has seen us cover our clients for all kinds of commercial insurance and now that the requirement for insurance and risk management solutions for academies is growing we are able to satisfy this demand. Insurance cover for schools demands specialist policy wordings to ensure that the management team, teachers and pupils are adequately protected. The policies we arrange have extensions to the Liability covers to cater for the specific needs of schools and academies as well as travel and mini-coach sections. They are also compliant with the European and Department for Education requirements to ensure that, where applicable, schools and academies can recover their insurance outlay in full.


Our dedication to providing high-quality client service and tailored solutions specific to our clients’ business needs has seen us excel across sectors and now we look to provide academies and other schools with this same level of care and expertise.


Academies strive for greater independence and choice. Amidst increased financial investment it is judicious to seek professional advice when managing such a venture. As specialist insurance brokers, we can advise you on how to best manage risk and on how to implement suitable and cost-effective insurance coverage from the outset.


Our clients look to us because of the importance that we place on understanding their unique requirements whilst also providing a first class service that takes the strain out of acquiring insurance cover. As independent insurance brokers, we can search this very specialised market on your behalf to find the cover that meets your exact needs at competitive rates.


If you are looking for help or advice on independent school insurance or school and academy insurance, or if your establishment is looking to become an academy, contact ABA today and speak to an experienced insurance adviser for a consultation.


As part of our service to schools, we are able to provide insurance for the ‘special needs’ sector and can arrange cover under a scheme approved by the National Association of Special Schools (NASS). This cover gives wide wordings including cover for molestation.

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These covers are the main areas of insurance you need to arrange. There are many others which may be required and we will discuss these on an individual basis.

We help schools, academies, colleges, and universities better understand the risks they face in order to provide against exposure to physical, consequential, legal, management, financial, and reputational risk.


Let us help you get started, contact us using the form below or call on 01204 364 842 and our team here at ABA Group will help assist you with your education insurance needs.

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