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Food Manufacturers' Insurance For Food & Drinks Manufacturers UK-wide
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Food Manufacturers

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Food Manufacturers’ Insurance

Every business has risks related to it particularly when you are involved in the manufacture of food and drink products, so a tailored, food manufacturers’ insurance policy is essential. The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) require you to have special linings for cleanliness reasons.

These may have serious implications from an insurance perspective, dependent upon the material from which they are manufactured. At ABA we have insurance markets which will underwrite food manufacturers’ insurance cover for even the most hazardous linings. Contact our experienced staff who will be able to obtain quotations for you.  Some of our clients require food manufacturing insurance for bakeries, sweet manufacturing, milk production, bread making and cereal production or manufacturing, for example.


The portfolio of food insurance cover we arrange will provide protection for your buildings, machinery, and stock as well as loss of profits and liability.


In this sector, an essential part of the insurance protection is product recall insurance. If you find a problem with a batch of goods you have manufactured you will need to have a plan which sets out how you trace the faulty batch and communicate with any customers affected. Ask our staff if you need assistance as we have already provided help in this area to our clients.

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These covers are the main areas of insurance you need to arrange. There are many others which may be required and we will discuss these on an individual basis.

In order to comply with health and safety legislation, you will need some items of plant to be inspected. Contact us for further information and help in arranging these inspections.


Our team at ABA has considerable experience in the food and drink manufacture sector and will be able to quickly and efficiently narrow down the right insurance cover to meet your needs.


Let us help you get started, contact us using the form below or call on 01204 364 842 and our team here at ABA Group will help assist you with your food insurance needs.

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