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Free Insurance Review

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Free Insurance Review

Why should you get your insurance policies reviewed? It is our sincerely held view that there is no purpose in you spending hard earned money on premiums if the end result is that a claim is not dealt with. However, you cannot test the suitability of your cover until you have a claim when it is too late to correct the policy.

Initially, we will prepare a report and obtain quotations for you on all of your policies. The first part of this report looks at the suitability of your existing insurance arrangements and the cost of these policies. This report is entirely free of charge.

We are confident that you will find the information contained in our report useful and that it will help you to reach informed decisions about your insurance arrangements. Our review takes a considerable amount of expertise to compile and we therefore only include a summary of our findings in this initial free report.

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We, as with most insurance brokers, are not professional valuers or appraisers and are therefore unable to advise you upon the adequacy or correctness of the sums insured and estimates shown in the policies. Whilst we can provide help to assist you in checking the figures the setting of sums insured must remain your responsibility.

Free Insurance Review
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