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Importing From China To UK

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Importing From China To UK Insurance

As a trading nation, we have for many years manufactured goods and sold them overseas. More recently with the advent of online shopping and competitive suppliers in the Far East more and more people have started importing from China to the UK and distributing goods through the internet.

Importing from China to UK


Whether you are importing from China to the UK or exporting, you will need to arrange import insurance cover on your goods whilst they are in transit or storage. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff are able to help you find the right import insurance cover to meet your needs at a competitive price. It is true to say that for businesses, particularly in the import sector, providing cover using a stock throughput insurance policy can be cheaper than arranging cover in the conventional market. Contact us to talk about your business and we will select the right path for you to follow.

Importing goods from China

Our team will advise you on liability insurance which is particularly important for businesses importing goods from China, where there may be no rights of recovery should the product cause injury or damage.

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These covers are the main areas of insurance you need to arrange. There are many others which may be required and we will discuss these on an individual basis.

Don’t forget that we can also help you arrange credit insurance to help protect your business from non-payment and bad debts.


Let us help you get started, contact us using the form below or call on 01204 364 842 and our team here at ABA Group will help assist you with your import insurance and export insurance needs.

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