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Motor Insurance

Personal Insurance

Motor Insurance

Personal motor insurance to compliment your business cover.

Contact ABA Group for a quotation and get the best possible car insurance cover for your family vehicles. Unlike a price comparison website, ABA Group’s expert insurance advisers will find a plan that exactly suits your circumstances, so there are no hidden terms and conditions and no unexpected costs.


Our motor insurance policies are flexible and straightforward, offering the same levels of care for your family and other passengers as they do for your car itself. The cover we recommend will take into consideration the type of car and its value as well as the age and experience of the drivers.

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Here at ABA Group we’re always ready to help people looking for the right motor insurance cover.  If you are unsure of what motor insurance option best suits your current situation, then give us a call on 01204 364 842.

We have access to markets that will arrange cover on an agreed value basis which is extremely useful for higher value vehicles or classic cars.


Contact our experienced team to help you get the correct cover. Let us help you get started, contact us using the form below or call on 01204 364 842 and our team here at ABA Group will help assist you with your motor insurance needs.

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