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Pubs Clubs and Restaurant Insurance

The UK’s leading independent pub insurance brokers


aba are independent so we can tailor the most suitable pub insurance, club insurance, bar insurance, or restaurant insurance cover from our wide panel of insurers.


Our experienced commercial pub insurance brokers can assess the nature of your individual business and your venue.


If you manage a bar, pub, restaurant, nightclub or a takeaway and are unsure of the type of insurance you require to ensure you are fully compliant, we’re here to help you.


Commercial pub insurance brokers


If your premises have a licence to serve alcohol, we can obtain specialist insurance cover to protect you against the loss of your licence.


Things to consider

  • Pubs, clubs and restaurants and all late-night entertainment venues present unique risks from an insurance point of view.
  • As such, owners and managers of these types of premises need to consider and take out specialist insurance cover, tailored to these individual and unique risks.
  • Different types of pubs, clubs, and restaurants will have different insurance needs.
  • Obtaining the right insurance for your particular business can be a complex task.


The very nature of pubs, clubs, music halls and other entertainment venues that operate late at night, means they are exposed to complex potential claims and liabilities.

  • aba’s commercial pub insurance specialists understand that insurance for late-night venues is complex and there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution.
  • Incidents regularly occur involving late-night venues having their licence revoked due to unforeseen circumstances. This is why it is vitally important that entertainment venues have the right type of licensed trade insurance in place.
  • Many late-night venue owners and managers are often unaware of the intricacies involving insurance for their pub, club or restaurant.
  • Get protection and the type of cover wrong, and such venues can be at risk of not holding adequate insurance in certain instances and situations.


Once aba’s experienced insurance advisors have determined what type of venue you run and therefore which insurance you require, we will analyze and compare a broad range of insurers and identify the products that are most suitable for your venue’s individual requirements.

  • If your venue is licensed to serve alcohol, it will require a particular type of insurance called licensed trade insurance.
  • If you run a venue that serves food, such as a restaurant or takeaway, your insurance requirements will be different still.
  • We will assess your individual business and help you get the most appropriate insurance cover. Giving you peace of mind your assets are fully protected


Our insurance policies cover three primary areas.

  • Protecting business assets is one principal area of our policies, designed to protect the ‘physical assets’ of your business.
  • This type of cover will reimburse you for any insured loss or damage that may occur.
  • Our insurance policies can also protect you from any ‘business interruption’, which means, should damage to your venue lead to a loss of earnings, your business income will be protected.
  • It is also important that venues are covered for liability claims made by third parties.


Obtaining the right insurance for your particular business can be a complex task, and one best approached with help and guidance from one of the UK’s leading nightclub insurance companies, aba Group.


Here is some more information on types of cover you may need

  • Our policies vary according to the needs of your company and we will design a bespoke package for you.
  • Where applicable, aba Group can find a policy which covers your buildings, contents and any stock you may hold as well as providing cover for any loss of profit you suffer as a result of insured damage.
  • We also provide legal liability insurance that will ensure claims from staff or customers relating to employer’s liability or public liability issues are dealt with fairly.


independent pub and club insurers


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