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Research and Development Insurance

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Research & Development Insurance

The sector and industry of research and development is a fast paced and growing one. It offers companies with consistency and continuing upgrades and enhancements to their products by allowing for the development of new solutions.

Because of the nature of the research and development field, it’s vital to your product’s success that you get the correct type of insurance. Typically, your standard property or even business interruption insurance will not provide protection for the possible risks you could face. If you do not have adequate insurance you may not reach your goals or timeframe for the research and development of your product. Let our team here at ABA Group advise you on the best option for your research and development business.

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These covers are the main areas of insurance you need to arrange. There are many others which may be required and we will discuss these on an individual basis.

Your insurance cover will naturally incorporate all of the basic covers for protecting your business assets, business interruption, liabilities and vehicles. However, you will need specialist cover to ensure that any funding of a research and development project is protected, as well as any loss of income that is delayed if your research and development project is put back.


Let us help you get started, contact us using the form below or call on 01204 364 842 and our team here at ABA Group will help assist you with your research and development insurance needs.

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