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Losses caused by terrorist acts are arranged in the following four categories:


Some businesses may only need cover for additional cost of working – these will normally be those who earn their revenue away from the business premises. A good example of this is a building contractor whose income would only be minimally affected by damage at their office location.


  • Terrorism insurance can protect you against property damage caused by a terrorist act.
  • Your company can also be covered for business interruption caused by terrorist acts. This can include damage to the property or equipment of essential suppliers and the interruption of their services, as well as denial of access to your premises due to damage in the locality.
  • You may be covered for liabilities to the public and your employees but this will not include acts of terrorism.
  • Terrorism insurance can also cover your motor vehicles where there is a lack of terrorism cover in your standard motor insurance policy.

Although property damage and business interruption are the most common types of terrorism insurances, cover can be arranged for all of the above scenarios.


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