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Travel Insurance

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Travel Insurance

At ABA Group, we can arrange travel insurance for you when you are away from home on leisure trips as well as business trips.

Our quality insurance cover will insure you (and, optionally, your family) against accident, illness, loss or theft while on holiday. ABA Group’s personal travel insurance policies will complement the existing business travel insurance policies you hold with us, thereby providing you with a convenient way to cover yourself for every trip you take, no matter what the purpose. There is no need to arrange your cover with different insurers or deal with different companies in the event of a claim.

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Not sure which kind of travel policy will best suit your needs? Give us a call on 01204 364 842.

ABA Group offers three different types of policy according to your needs and the frequency of travel:


  • Multi-trip travel insurance should be used if you intend to travel several times in the year. The cost benefits of multi-trip travel insurance make it an ideal solution for anyone who takes two or more holidays.
  • Single trip travel insurance is ideal if you are an occasional traveller. It provides all the benefits of longer term travel insurance policies for one holiday.
  • Family cover: Achieve the ultimate in convenience and cost-effective policy provision by insuring your whole family on the same travel insurance policy.

Our policies provide for most eventualities, including the loss of your baggage, injuries and medical expenses, death and repatriation or damage to your luggage and/or the contents. The cover we provide is of a high standard, no matter what the duration of your trip might be.


ABA Group’s travel insurance can also cover you when you leave home for business purposes. A business travel insurance policy will cover you in the same way, and we are also able to insure groups for trips when you are travelling with colleagues.


If you find that you are excluded from a travel insurance policy because of a pre-existing medical condition, speak to the experienced advisers at ABA Group. There is no need to travel without insurance as our staff can find a suitable policy in most cases.


Let us help you get started, contact us using the form below or call on 01204 364 842 and our team here at ABA Group will help assist you with your travel insurance needs.

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