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What is risk management and why is it important?

It is a common misconception that you can take out risk management insurance but insurers require their insured to comply with health and safety legislation and employment law as this enables them to defend claims.

It is the legal responsibility of all directors and senior management to ensure that their business complies with health and safety legislation and to take seriously their duty of care to employees and visitors.

Failure to do this can result in the HSE pursuing individuals at a personal level and the courts can impose heavy fines as well as prison sentences in some cases.

aba Risk Management can arrange direct access to industry specialists who will provide quality risk management support which is becoming an increasingly important tool for all commercial businesses.

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The risk management process

We can provide you with a range of positive risk management solutions that can only benefit your business and help you to:

  • Ensure compliance with increasingly complex legislation.
  • Help to reduce accident rates and the associated cost of replacement labour, reduced productivity, insurance and legal costs.
  • Improve the efficiency of the work environment.
  • Increase employee morale.
  • Provide a valuable business tool for existing and new contracts.
  • Ensure you are meeting your insurance requirements.

Our risk mManagement service offering has been carefully positioned between the ‘hands off’ approach of some of the larger players including internet and downloadable offerings and the small, often ‘one man band’, consultants who suffer from limited technical specialisations and resource.

Risk management health check

Health and safety

  • Do you have a written health and safety management policy?
  • Do you update this on a regular basis?
  • Are all employees trained and guided through this upon introduction?
  • Do you have ongoing training for existing staff on health and safety matters?
  • Do you have designated health and safety officer?
  • Are your staff and management aware of their health and safety responsibilities?
  • Are health and safety posters prominently displayed?
  • Do you carry out risk assessments and follow this up with monitoring procedures?
  • Do you have a system of accident reporting and recording?
  • Do you have 24 hour access to specialist advice on health and safety matters?
  • Do you comply with the terms and conditions of your liability insurance?

Employment law

  • Do all of your employees have a contract of employment/written statement of terms and are these reviewed/amended at least on an annual basis?
  • Do you have an employee handbook/written policies and procedures covering all aspects of work and is this kept up to date in line with current legislation?
  • Are all changes to the employee handbook communicated to staff?
  • Are all copies of handbooks/policies and procedures available for staff inspection?
  • Do you have written grievance and disciplinary procedures?
  • Have the relevant investigating/disciplinary officers been provided with adequate training in managing grievance & disciplinary procedures?
  • Do you have unlimited 24 hour access to practical and legal advice on implementing your policies and procedures?
  • Do you have insurance against representation at tribunal and potential awards to employees?

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